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Resistance, The Revelations
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On Earth, the balance between good and evil is about to be shifted toward darkness as spiritual warfare blazes in the heavens!


This is the heroic journey of a small community church led by Pastor Andrew Stone entangled with a band of freedom fighters as they struggle to subvert a global conspiracy to enslave the world.


Archaeologist Jason Fox unknowingly unleashes a demonic horde set to possess mankind under the auspices of the United Global States of the Earth (UGSE), a new global government intent on implementing its version of the United Nations' Agenda 21.


At the New Life Foundation, a place of peace and solitude, Isabelle Zenn inspires a instructs young, open-minded people into positions of honor and power, under the direction of Michael Damious. However, it is also a place where darkness begins and evil thrives.


Who will win the battle for mankind's soul?

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Resistance, The Remnant

"A new leader, Emmanuel Caine, has emerged within the United Global States of the Earth (UGSE). A force for change, he brings the 'promise' of freedom and peace to a people strangled by the policies of sustainable development.

The resistance, led by Marcus Daedalus, have their own plan to free the citizens of the world. Through espionage and open rebellion, the remnant fights on against the tyranny of the UGSE and retribution for the murder of a beloved leader in the resistance.

Led by spiritual forces, Jason Fox and Andrew Stone seek out ancient lost civilizations. Each destination bringing them closer to unraveling the mysteries of their revelations and dreams of vengeance.

A dark shadow lurks in the background plotting the end of all resistance while the forces of light give comfort, peace, and concealment to the few saints left to fight.

"Who will win the battle for mankind's soul?"

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Resistance, The Reckoning
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Adventurers Jason Fox and Andrew Stone continue their quest to discover ancient worlds filled with magic and truth. Will their final trek be to a place of new beginnings or the end of all things?

Marcus Daedalus and the resistance continue their fight against the global order from within the belly of the beast, but is the cost worth the compromise?

The promise of token freedom has seduced the people of the sustainable communities into following Emmanuel Caine with sycophantic devotion—to liberty or slavery?

Isabelle Zenn strives to help Michael Damious control the spiritual powers infused into his being after his experience in the City of Wisdom. Can he master the demonic spirits or will the chaos which flows from the knowledge consume his world?

The final book in the Resistance series will take you to the edge of fiction and reality, and keep you asking…

“Who will win the battle for mankind’s soul?”

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